Strike Information for Members

All you need to know about the potential strike/lockout of CUPE 3902 Members. Want to get involved? Please write

Strike Questionnaire Form
Members need to fill out this form to be scheduled for picket lines and qualify for strike pay

Strike Newsletter
Get the latest scoop on the daily events on strike lines

“Choosing to Work” is Strike Breaking

Childcare During the Strike
Information on childcare during strike for picketers

Strike FAQ for Members of CUPE 3902
Information on the most frequently asked questions about strike, how compensation works, and what is expected.

CUPE Local 3902 Strike Pay and Financial Assistance Policy
Information about the policy that governs strike pay and financial assistance during a strike.

Form for Striker Financial Assistance
This form is for members applying for financial assistance for the duration of the strike (please read the strike pay FAQ and Financial Assistance Policy to find out who qualifies)

CUPE Local 3902 Strike Do’s and Don’ts
Information on how a strike is conducted for members of CUPE 3902

Talking Points for TAs for Speaking to Your Students about the Upcoming Strike
Not sure how to speak to your students about the upcoming strike? Here is a guide!

Talking Points for Sessionals and Course Instructors for Speaking to Your Students about the Upcoming Strike
Not certain what to say to your student about the potential strike? Here is a template!

CUPE National Strike Fund Regulations
Information about the rules governing the National Strike Fund and the benefits available to members or Locals during a strike or  lockout.

Unit 1 Bargaining Commitments and University Administration’s Responses
Information about bargaining commitments for Unit 1 and how the UofT administration has responded to our proposals.

Hard copies of all these documents are available at CUPE 3902 office (180 Bloor West, Suite 803).


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