As you may know, we are currently in conciliation with the University administration. However, we only have one conciliation date for the month of January. The administration is moving very slowly and they have repeated many times that there will be no new net compensation or benefit increases. This is extremely concerning as some experienced colleagues have observed the administration is attempting to stonewall us. We have hardly made any progress on any issues compared to the previous rounds of bargaining and the situation is stagnant.

Given this rapidly devolving situation, we are stepping up our preparations for a potential strike. This is an urgent call for picket captains. Picket captains are an integral part of a successful strike. They ensure picket lines are run effectively, keep attendance, ensure proper conduct, and lead the efforts to having a successful strike.

In the event of a strike, any picket captain (or anyone performing any picket duties) would receive $300/week strike pay (twenty hours of week duty required).

Please email organizer@cupe3902.org if you are interested in being a picket captain identifying which department you are from. If you cannot yourself be a picket captain, please find another person in your department to fill those shoes. We need as many picket captains as possible to have a successful strike.

Many thanks,

On behalf of The Strike Committee

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