Unit 5 Strike Vote Information and Polling Times

On March 9, Unit 5 had a general meeting. The meeting had a single agenda item: a motion on opening up the referendum on a strike mandate. The Bargaining Team presented the current status of the bargaining process and presented its recommendation¬†in favor of ta strike mandate. This was followed by a engaging and fruitful discussion during the question hour. Most of the doubts that the members had were cleared during the discussion. The voice of the postdocs was clear: a UNANIMOUS ‘YES’ to hold the referendum to give a strike mandate to our Bargaining Team.

Polls will be open for a week so post-docs can vote on giving their bargaining team a strike mandate.

Polling Times and Locations:

UTSG Campus:
1) CUPE 3902 office (803-180 Bloor St. West): 11-5 daily, March 10-16
2) GSU Building (16 Bancroft Ave): 11-7 daily, March 10-16
3) MC 330 (MIE building): 11-7 daily, March 10-16
4) Gerstein Library (7 King’s College Circle): 11-7 daily, March 10-16

1) CUPE 3902 office (Portable 104, Room 112): 11-2 daily, March 10-16

1) Davis Building lobby: 11-2, March 13-16

On March 14, 15 and 16, from 11am-7pm, we will also have roving poll clerks who will come with ballot boxes to your location if you are unable to reach one nearby. Please let us know by email at chair@cupe3902.org or vc5@cupe3902.org if you would like a polling clerk to come to your location to get your vote.

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