Ad-hoc Committees

Information about active committees struck by the membership and executive.

The Editorial Board is responsible for overseeing the production of the Local’s monthly newsmagazine, The Guardian.  By joining this committee, you can help determine the contents, look and feel of the newsletter, and improve communication with your colleagues. To get involved, please contact:

The Finance Committee provides direction in the management of the Local’s finances, including ethical investment and assists the Secretary-Treasurer in preparing the budget for the AGM. To get involved, please contact:

The Liaison Committee develops effective communication and outreach strategies for the Union membership, University community, and other campus student and labour organizations, in order to foster and strengthen relationships with our allies. To get involved, please contact:

The Political and Social Action Committee (PSAC) plans social justice activities on and beyond our campus.  PSAC has its own budget and has supported or donated to various strikes, anti-globalization protests, and anti-war actions. To get involved, please contact:

The Women’s Committee works on issues of special concern to women both within the University community and more broadly in society, such as safety and equity. The Women’s Committee was instrumental in helping the Union get support for the two months’ paid pregnancy leave that is currently in the Collective Agreements of all three units. The work of this committee can have important repercussions for all of our members.  To get involved, please contact: