Governing Bodies

CUPE 3902 is founded upon democratic principles which ensure that the membership of the Union has the final say in any decision.  The Local is governing by the following bodies:

General Membership Meetings (GMMs) are the ultimate plenary authority in CUPE 3902. Our Bylaws require one meeting of all three units to be held in the Fall and one in the Spring.  In addition, separate meetings are held for members of each bargaining unit to make decisions concerning their own bargaining priorities and to consider matters unique to their respective workplaces.

Stewards’ Council meets monthly and provides representation for members between GMMs.  Its members elect from amongst their number a Chief Steward who is responsible for preparing agendas and presiding over all meetings.  Stewards’ Council serves as a space to promote continuous organizing within departments, facilitate the sharing of experiences relative to grievances in departments and provide open communication between and among the Executive and members.  Stewards’ Council is also responsible for formulating Local policies.  The members of Stewards’ Council are assisted in these responsibilities by three standing committees (Grievance, Mobilization and Policy).

The Executive Committee takes its direction from decisions of the membership and the Stewards’ Council and ensures that the policies and decisions of the Union are implemented.  The Executive meets bi-weekly and manages the office’s day-to-day business, supervises the staff and administers the Local’s Collective Agreements.

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