Unit 5

Unit 5 Vice-Chair:  Srijit Khan, vc5@cupe3902.org

Unit 5 Contract Campaign

Unit 5 members have been in bargaining since November 2016. They are fighting for a fair collective agreement to put them on par with unionized post-docs at other Canadian universities.

Sign the petition to show your support! www.change.org/p/unit5contract

For more information on their bargaining platform, and a comparison of their conditions to other groups, click here.

Our next Bargaining Support Committee meeting will be
April 19 – 6-7pm
803-180 Bloor St W (CUPE 3902 office)
Food will be provided. Please RSVP to organizer@cupe3902.org

Unit 5 Collective Agreement
26 January 2015 – 31 December 2016

CUPE 3902 represents all internally funded Postdocs at the University of Toronto. Click HERE for an archive of Bargaining Bulletins from the 2013/14 round of bargaining.

Welcome Letter Unit 5
Welcome to CUPE 3902! This brochure outlines your basic terms and conditions in the collective agreement, union structure and other benefits with your CUPE membership.

Postdoc Information Sessions/Events

Keep informed about the latest information concerning your unit!

Current Greenshield Health Insurance Benefits for Postdocs
As a Unit 5 postdoc, you must enroll with Greenshield Insurance as soon as you start at U of T. Plans are prepaid by one month, so your coverage will come into effect the month after you begin your contract. For more information, click here. Review your Benefit Plan Booklet here.

Bargaining Bulletins – Your Unit 5 Collective Agreement expired on December 31, 2016. Your PDF bargaining team is currently at the table with the Employer to negotiate a new agreement.

Bargaining Bulletin 5 – Strike Vote Upcoming – February 2017

Bargaining Bulletin 4 – December 2016

Bargaining Bulletin 3 – December 2016

Bargaining Bulletin 2 – November 2016

Bargaining Bulletin 1  – your first bargaining bulletin, with highlights from the bargaining survey, ideas for getting involved and information on the bargaining process. August, 2016.