Course Instructor Training

This page contains information about paid training for Unit 1 course instructors.

Per Article 18:02b of the CUPE3902 Unit 1 Collective Agreement, “First time Unit 1 Course Instructors shall receive six (6) hours of training paid at the SGSII rate. Training may include matters such as course organization; teaching skills; supervision of teaching assistants; in-class conflict resolution & safety; procedures for addressing academic integrity; Blackboard and any other technology required for the performance of their assigned duties.”

:: CI Training Request Form ::

First contract course instructors are entitled to six hours of paid training, at the SGSII rate, over and above the course stipend. What counts as paid training is a matter to be decided on a department-by-department basis. Requests for paid training must be approved in advance; failure to get prior approval might result in a loss of compensation.

Paid training can be obtained through CTSI. They offer a number of workshops designed to assist graduate student course instructors. Please see their page for more information about training options. Prior to training, fill out the above training request form and have it approved by your supervisor. Bring this form to your CTSI workshop, have it signed, and return it to your department.

Currently the employer is approving requests for paid training during the term of employment, or during the term immediately prior or immediately subsequent to the term of employment. This is subject to change.