Division 3: Engineering and the Physical Sciences

Contact information for U1 divisional and departmental stewards in Engineering and the Physical Sciences

Don’t see your department here? Contact Chief Steward Sandhya Mylabathula to find out more about becoming a steward for your department! Email chiefsteward@cupe3902.org

Departmental Stewards:

Aerospace Lin Gao q30327@gmail.com
Astronomy & Astrophysics Jessica Campbell campbell@astro.utoronto.ca
Biomedical Engineering (IBBME)

Chemical Engineering

Andrew Effat


Hasan Raboui




Chemical Engineering Alison Traub alison.traub@mail.utoronto.ca
Chemistry Sarah Kavassalis sarah.kavassalis@gmail.com
Chemistry Shawn Postle shawn.postle@gmail.com
Chemistry James LaFortune james.lafortune@mail.utoronto.ca
Civil Engineering Tarun Singhal tarun.singhal@mail.utoronto.ca
Civil Engineering Kirti Sehgal kirti.sehgal@mail.utoronto.ca
Civil Engineering Mustafa Iqbal mustafa.iqbal@mail.utoronto.ca
Computer Science Jonathan Eidelman eidelmanj@cs.toronto.edu
Computer Science Nicole Sultanum nicolebs@cs.toronto.edu
Computer Science Daniyal Liaqat dliaqat@cs.toronto.edu
ECE Ali Ramezani aramezani@ece.utoronto.ca
ECE Reza Rafie Borujeny reza.rafieborujeny@mail.utoronto.ca
ECE Pranav Pattabi pranav.pattabi@mail.utoronto.ca
ECE Eloho Akalamudo eloho.akalamudo@mail.utoronto.ca
Environmental Science (UTSC) Jerry Jien jerry.jien@utoronto.ca
Material Sciences and Engineering Vinson Truong vinson.truong@mail.utoronto.ca
Mathematics Rosemonde Lareau-Dussault rosemonde.lareau.dussault@mail.utoronto.ca
Mathematics Evan Miller evan.patrick.miller@gmail.com
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Hoda Maleki h.maleki@mail.utoronto.ca
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Yi Ru yi.ru@mail.utoronto.ca
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Nima Bahrani nima.bahrani@gmail.com
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Mahdi Zamani smm.zamani@mail.utoronto.ca
Physics Robert Fajber rfajber@gmail.com
Physics MattheW Badali badalim@physics.utoronto.ca
Physics Sophie McGibbon-Gardner smcgibbo@physics.utoronto.ca
Statistical Sciences Kamal Rai kamal.rai.waterloo@gmail.com
Statistical Sciences Daniel Cox dgcox@lakeheadu.ca