Paid training

TAs and student instructors are entitled to three hours of PAID training.


All NEW employees must attend a training program of at least 3 hours in duration. The training is real employment training and not orientation activities. The Collective Agreement also makes the services of the expanded Teaching Assistant Training Program available to Departments. Departments can ask the TATP to conduct the training or provide advice and support to Departmental training initiatives.

Departments may make supplemental training mandatory but are not required to do so.

Departments must notify the Union (note: contact the Union directly, not the TATP) at least 48 hours in advance of the training so that a Union representative can attend. It is best to give as much advance notice as possible. The Union representative shall be given at least 15 minutes to address members about the Union and Collective Agreement.

All mandatory training must be paid work. In other words, Departments must either account for such training on the job descriptions of the employees or they must pay them over and above the amount of time they spend working in the courses.


:: Training Request Form (pdf) ::

A member in a second or later appointment may seek out additional training. They may request approval from their supervisor to attend such training by submitting a Training Request Form, available here. Once signed by both the supervisor and the trainer, this Form must be submitted to the business officer in the Department for payment. If approved, the member may be paid for up to 3 hours a year.

Training is available through the Teaching Assistants’ Training Programme (TATP).  For full seminar descriptions and to register, please visit the TATP website. All sessions are free and open to University of Toronto graduate students.