Unit 1 Benefits & Funds

See the links below for information about Unit 1 benefits:

Overview of Leave Provisions

Financial Assistance Funds and Overview of Health Benefits

Health Benefits – More Details

U of T’s Page on Unit 1 Health Benefits

Top-up Healthcare Plan Details Pamphlet

Top-up Healthcare Plan FAQ

Table of Maximum Category Amounts for GSU ~ Top-up Healthcare Plan 

Most questions are answered in the above documents.  However, if you are now enrolled and have specific questions about claims, coverage, or online services, you can contact Green Shield Canada at 1-888-711-1119. If you have any questions about your eligibility or are not yet loaded into the Plan, please contact the U of T Benefits Department at benefits.help@utoronto.ca or 416-978-2598.

Please note that in order for plans to be properly coordinated it is vital that you register for your plan services with your name exactly as it appears in your student/PDF enrolment.


Graduate Student Bursary Fund (GSBF)

We have now established a claims process for the Graduate Student Bursary Fund for the September 2014 – August 2015 year. This fund will top up funding to $17,000 + tuition and fees for anyone who had Unit 1 work (TA, CI, CPO, etc.) during that year.  We had hoped that this fund would require no application whatsoever, but unfortunately, as we now know, the University does not have the data needed to make this possible.  We will reach out to eligible members directly, but there is action you must take to claim your disbursement!

Here are the steps and projected timeline of the process:

  1. By July 1, we will get in touch with you individually about the minimum we know you’re eligible for.  Many members will in fact be eligible for more than this amount, but the University’s data won’t show us that and we’ll need members to provide the relevant documentation.
  2. Starting on July 1, the claims forms will open for a first phase.  Eligible members can fill out the relevant claims form.  Depending on whether the amount in the email you received is accurate or not, you will either fill out a Confirmation Form or a Correction Form (along with relevant documentation).
  3. On July 31 at 11:59pm, the forms will close temporarily and all claims submitted will be processed.
  4. On September 1, the forms will open again for a second phase.  Since it is very difficult to process funds when the forms are open, we are having two phases for the 2014-15 round only in order to balance the two competing needs: the need to reach as many members as possible (which means having the forms open for a long time) and the need to get members their money as soon as possible (which means having the forms close quickly).
  5. On September 30 at 11:59pm, the forms will close permanently and all claims submitted will be processed.  No claims will be accepted after this deadline.

A presentation on the GSBF process is available here: https://goo.gl/Mbg67N.  For more details, check out the GSBF FAQ here: https://goo.gl/IUVFHh.   The FAQ will be continuously updated as we receive more questions, so if you have questions that aren’t answered there, please contact u1caic@cupe3902.org.

The following are the major takeaway points about the GSBF disbursement process:

  1. You will have to fill out at least one form in order to get your GSBF.
  2. The Union will contact you about your eligibility, provide you the relevant forms, and guide you through the process.
  3. Do not expect that the initial disbursement amount that we calculate for you based on the University’s data will be correct.
  4. Check the amount of TAship in your funding letter against what’s given in the disbursement email – this is the most likely culprit for an incorrect disbursement amount.
  5. The Union has all of the money, and will ensure that no one will fall through the cracks. The process may be complicated, but we will ensure that the fund is distributed fairly and equitably.