Financial Assistance Funds

CUPE Local 3902 is pleased to be able to provide financial assistance to our Unit 1 members through a variety of funds.  The Funds for the 2013-14 academic year are now closed and no further applications can be received. 

For the 2014-15 academic year, all Funds are on hold until the completion of the collective bargaining process.  Please continue to check this website for updates regarding the application process and deadline.

The Funds we have offered in the past include:

Financial Assistance Fund/Senior Students Fund 
The Financial Assistance Fund and Senior Students’ Fund (FAF/SSF) are for CUPE 3902 Unit 1 members who are outside of the funded cohort (as defined by the University of Toronto).

Childcare Financial Assistance Fund
This fund assists those members who incur expenses related to paying a childcare provider for care of their child(ren).

Fund for International Student Health Expenses
This fund is for those members who are international students and who have to cover the cost of their international student health plan expenses (i.e. the cost is not included in your funding) for themselves and/or for their family members.

Professional Masters Fund
This fund is for those members enrolled in Professional Masters degree programs where program fee is set at higher than base level as set by the University of Toronto.

Fellowship Defence Fund
The Fellowship Defence Fund is for members of CUPE 3902 – Unit 1 who are members of the funded cohort as defined by the University of Toronto, and are required to undertake Unit 1 work or taxable RA work as part of their minimum $15,000 guaranteed funding package in 2013-14. This fund is designed to protect Unit 1 members from the erosion of the $15,000 guaranteed funding package.

Post Doctoral Administrative Fee Offset Fund

This fund is for our Unit 1 members who are Post Doctoral Fellows and who pay a $200 administrative fee to the University of Toronto as part of their position. The application form is available HERE.