Leave Provisions

A brief summary of the leave provisions under the Unit 1 agreement.

Sick leave (Article 19:15)
TAs are entitled to up to three days of paid sick leave depending on the total number of hours worked in an academic session.  Course Instructors are entitled to five days.  If you need more time than is allocated under this provision of the Collective Agreement, you may utilise the short-term leave provisions and have a colleague “sub” for you while you recover. You have to arrange for your own substitution for any period up to one week at a time. If you are marking/grading for a course, the department has to give you reasonable and sufficient time to complete the grading/marking after your recovery.  They cannot force you to finish the work while you are sick, no matter how long that illness lasts.

Additional Leaves
• Employees who give birth are entitled to up to seventeen weeks of pregnancy leave (the first two months at full pay).
• An employee who is a new parent may take up to thirty-seven weeks of parental leave, the first MONTH of which is paid
• Upon the death of an immediate family member (same-sex partners and their relations are considered the same as opposite-sex partners and their relations), you are entitled to 3 consecutive contact days of bereavement leave without loss of pay. If you have to travel, this may be extended to 5 days.
• An employee who is called to jury duty is entitled to jury duty leave at full pay.
• One week of compassionate leave on an unpaid basis.