RRSP for Unit 2 Members

If you are a Sessional Lecturer at Vic, or a Writing Instructor who has worked at least 600 hours and for more than 4 years, you will be getting an additional 5% added to your regular salary as the University’s contribution towards an RRSP for you. This benefit was negotiated by your Union, CUPE 3902.

The 5% employer contribution will be paid directly to you as T4 income, but in order to keep this money, you will be required to establish an RRSP and deposit at least the equivalent of the University’s contribution and a matching contribution from your own salary.

By March 31 of each year, you will have to bring proof that you have established the RRSP and made the required contributions, or Vic can ask for their money back. For more information, please contact the Union: 416.593.7057.