Unit 3 Benefits

Benefits information for non-student Sessionals, Writing Instructors, and Music Professionals at the University of Toronto

Unit 3 Fund
The UNIT 3 Fund is a pool of $100,000 to be disbursed to eligible members.  Click on the title above to find out more about the Fund and access the application form.

Group RRSP
The GRRSP is an optional RRSP for all Sessional Lecturers who are not already enrolled in the UofT pension plan.

Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)
The Unit 3 HCSA allows Sessional Lecturers and hourly-paid employees (Sessional Instructional Assistants, Writing Instructors and Other Music Professionals) with 50 hours of work to be reimbursed for eligible medical expenses.

New Advancement Rules in Music
The Union has negotiated new provisions for Unit 3 members in Music allowing them to count studio music instruction in order to establish eligibility for advancement.

Professional Expenses Reimbursement Account (PERA)
This is a pre-Union benefit that has been “grand-parented,” i.e. maintained for those who had it in the past.

SSHRC for Sessional Lecturers
Information regarding the right of sessionals to apply for SSHRC research grants

T2200 – Claiming Home Office Expenses on Income Tax
The T2200 is a declaration signed by your employer that avers that you do more than 50% of your salaried work at home.