Group RRSP

The GRRSP is an optional RRSP for all Sessional Lecturers who are not already enrolled in the UofT pension plan.

All Sessional Lecturers who are not on the UofT Pension Plan are entitled to membership in a Group RRSP. If you are an SL 1 or 2 and agree to contribute 5% of your UofT sessional income to the GRRSP, the University will make a matching contribution of 5% of salary for all participating members. The matching contribution for SL 3’s is 6%. At the end of each academic year you have the choice either to leave the money in the GRRSP or transfer it out.

Information and enrolment forms are available here.

You must drop off or mail in your enrolment form to: Central Benefits (GRRSP), UofT Human Resources Dept, 215 Huron Street – 8th floor, Toronto, M5S 1A2 (do NOT send the form to Standard Life). There is no deadline for the applications to arrive.

If you are a Sessional Lecturer already enrolled in the Unit 3 Group RRSP and wish to use the option to withdraw/transfer funds from the plan, you may do so between September 1st and September 30th of each year. You can call Standard Life directly and make the transfer via phone: 1-800-242-1704.