Members of Unit 3 Provide Historic Mandate in Strike Vote

In a record turnout at the Polls over the course of this past week, with over one hundred more ballots cast than in Unit 3’s one previous strike vote, 92.1% of those who voted expressed their full support for possible strike action. This result is a clear expression of members’ determination that Sessional Lecturers and Writing Instructors are no longer willing to do 35 percent of all undergraduate teaching for a mere 1 percent of the University’s budget. It also served notice that members demand the kind of job security and benefits that reflect their contribution to the institution’s reputation and position as one of the world’s top teaching and research institutions.

You have told us with your record turnout at the polls and your overwhelming vote that ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. We will relay this message to the University and, as negotiations continue, we will do our best to achieve a fair collective agreement with real improvements.

CUPE 3902 would like to thank all of you for coming to the polling stations and taking the time to cast your vote. No matter which way you voted, you are and will continue to be a valuable member of the union. Calling for a university-wide strike will be the ultima ratio – the last resort – but if gains are not being made at the table, we will not back down in light of the powerful strike mandate members have now issued.

Negotiations will continue, but the CUPE 3902 Executive is now preparing for a potential strike by both Unit 1 (graduate student TAs and Course Instructors) and, after our historic strike vote, Unit 3.  Please see  for important information regarding a potential strike/lockout of CUPE 3902 Members.

Ballots cast:  258
Yes:  233
No:  20
Spoiled:  5
Percentage:  92.1% voted yes based on 253 ballots (5 disallowed)

Unit 5 (Postdoc) Members Vote to Ratify First Collective Agreement

UPDATE: First Contract for Postdoctoral Fellows at U of T (CUPE 3902, Unit 5) Ratified 

Between Thursday, January 8th and Monday, January 12, 72% of participating members of Unit 5 voted to ratify the first collective agreement reached in December 2014 between CUPE 3902, Unit 5 and the Governing Council of the University of Toronto.  The first contract will come into effect following ratification by the university administration (expected to occur in late February).  Thank you to all those who participated in the vote, and to all who contributed to the process over the past many months.  Please contact with any questions or if you require the assistance of the union.

Click here for a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement.