CUPE 3902 is looking to hire a committed trade unionist with a proven track record at planning and implementing organizing drives, campaigns and member-mobilization strategies. For more information, see Staff Organizer.


Calling all stewards!  During the week of 10 August, CUPE 3902 is hosting a series of educational workshops offered by the National Education Department that explore the central place that stewards occupy in the workplace and the union.  These workshops provide an opportunity for stewards to explore a number of topics, all from a steward’s point of view.
The day-long (8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.) ‘Introduction to Stewarding’ workshop provides the foundation for members interested in solving workplace problems. Topics covered include: 
  • the role of the steward
  • investigating workplace problems
  • CUPE’s structure
  • filing a grievance
  • meeting with management
  • dealing with workplace complaints
Please note that this workshop is a prerequisite for the other learning-series modules and, consequently, it will be offered on both Monday, 10 August and Tuesday, 11 August. All members are welcome, but registration is limited.  Lunch will be provided.
In addition, a number of three-hour supplemental workshops are scheduled between Tuesday and Friday. Members can view a full list of the workshops and register at https://goo.gl/OxrS9j.  For a description of the various workshops, the Steward Learning Series pamphlet can be found at http://goo.gl/S2RlEx.  Members may sign up for as many or as few workshops as they wish, but like the introductory workshop, registration is limited.