Unit 5 Ratification Vote – Poll Locations

Members of Unit 5 are encouraged to vote at next week’s ratification polls. Polls will be open on Monday, May 29th and Tuesday, May 30th.

Poll locations and times are as follows:

Poll #1 – Gerstein (11am-7pm)
Poll #2 – Lash Miller (11am-7pm)
Poll #3 – Roving Poll
Poll #4 – Sir Sandford Flemming (11am-7pm)
Poll #5 – UTM (10am-2pm)
Poll #6 – CUPE 3902 Office
Poll #7 – UTSC (11am-7pm)

Unit 1 Financial Assistance Funds

Applications for the International Health Plan Assistance Fund (IHPAF), the UofT Family Plan Assistance Fund (UFPAF), the Childcare Financial Assistance Fund (CFAF), the Unfunded Students Assistance Fund (USAF) and the Research Assistants Defense Fund (RADF) are now being accepted.

Please see the FAQ (https://goo.gl/B9mf6x) for:

  • The up-to-date eligibility criteria for all three funds;
  • Links to the application forms; and
  • Answers to questions you might have about the funds.

The deadline for applications to all five funds (IHPAF, UFPAF, CFAF, USAF, and RADF) is 31 May 2017 at 11:59PM EST. The forms will close automatically at this time and applications will not be accepted after this deadline for any reason.  More information about the funds can be found here: http://cupe3902.org/unit-1/unit-1-benefits/


2017 Annual Election Results


Dear Members,

Please see the results from the Union’s elections below:

External Liaison Officer

  • Justin Kong – 112
  • Lahoma Thomas – 165
  • Spoiled: 15
  • Total: 292

Internal Liaison Officer

  • Ellie Ade Kur – 108
  • Meaghan Marian – 128
  • Emil Marmol – 57
  • Spoiled – 5
  • Total: 298

Communications and Recording Secretary

  • Pamela Arancibia – 172
  • Isabel Urrutia – 100
  • Spoiled – 21
  • Total- 293

Equity Officer

  • Lindsay Sidders – 127
  • Laura Willett – 111
  • Spoiled – 52
  • Total – 290


Sarah Qidwai, CRO


The following Executive positions were acclaimed at the Annual General Membership Meeting:

Chair: Ryan Culpepper
Secretary Treasurer: Emily Clare
Vice Chair Unit 1: Megan Harris
Vice Chair Colleges: Kristen Allen
Vice Chair Unit 3: Erich Vogt
Grievance Officer: Kevin Edmonds

Elections for the remaining positions will take place on Friday, April 28th between 10am- 6pm. Details on polling locations will be circulated shortly.

Here are the candidates and the positions they are running for:

External Liaison Officer
Justin Kong
Lahoma Thomas

Internal Liaison Officer
Ellie Ade Kur
Meaghan Marian
Emil Marmol

Communications and Recording Secretary
Pamela Arancibia
Isabel Urrutia

Equity Officer
Lindsay Sidders
Laura Willett

Unit 1 Membership Meeting – April 20

The upcoming Unit 1 Membership Meeting is a special membership meeting for our Bargaining Team’s presentation of the bargaining platform to the Unit 1 membership. This is the space to hear, discuss, and, if necessary, call for amendments to our Bargaining Team’s proposed bargaining platform.

When: Thursday, April 20, 6-8pm
What: Special Unit 1 Membership Meeting: Bargaining Platform Presentation
Where: OISE Auditorium (OI G162)

The meeting will be physically accessible, and any additional accommodation requests can be sent to vc1@cupe3902.org. Child care expenses will reimbursed upon presentation of receipts to the Union.