Unit 1 Membership Meeting Rescheduled

This meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 27, from 6 to 8 pm, GB 119 (Galbraith Building) located at 35 St. George Street.

This is an important meeting, and you are strongly encouraged to attend.  We will be voting on healthcare coverage options which will manifestly affect the way in which your coverage is administrated.

A little while ago a Healthcare Negotiation Committee was struck in order to investigate the possibility of switching from our current HCSA to a new kind of group benefit plan. In our meeting the committee will communicate their findings to the membership, present the options and ultimately, the question will be put to members to decide whether we would prefer to stay with the HCSA or move to a new plan, as proposed. (Further info about the plan will be sent out to members as soon as it is available.)

CUPE 3902 Executive Elections Results 2015-16

Congratulations to the 2015-16 Executive Committee!  Thank you very much for participating in the Executive Elections. The results are as follows:

Chair – Ryan Culpepper (acclaimed)

Erin Black – Vice-Chair, Unit 3 (acclaimed)

Kristen Allen – Vice-Chair, Colleges (acclaimed)

Emily Clare – Secretary-Treasurer (acclaimed)

Vice Chair – Unit 1: Isabel Stowell-Kaplan
Kate Brennan: 55
Alex Ivovic: 125
Isabel Stowell-Kaplan: 136
Disallowed: 14
Total: 330

Vice Chair – Unit 5: Scott Melvin
Anil Kumar: 115
Alberto Garcia-Raboso: 61
Scott Melvin: 139
Disallowed: 15
Total: 330

Communications and Recording Secretary: Jamila Ghaddar
Jamila Ghaddar: 170
Allison Meads: 145
Disallowed: 15
Total: 330

External Liaison Officer: Evan Miller
Evan Miller: 179
Aaron Shantz: 135
Disallowed: 15
Total: 329 (1 bundle from Sid Smith missing ELO ballot)

Internal Liaison Officer: Ellie Adekur-Carlson
Ellie Adekur-Carlson: 174
Meaghan Marian: 142
Disallowed: 15
Total: 331 (1 bundle from Robarts had double ILO ballots)

Grievance officer: Emil Marmol
Emil Marmol: 135
Janet Mowat: 73
Erich Vogt: 108
Disallowed: 14
Total: 330

Trustee – 3 year term: Rachael Kimmerling
Alla Babushkina: 156
Rachael Kimmerling: 157
Disallowed: 17
Total: 330

Employment status for 1 affidavit could not be confirmed.