Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)

In accordance with the CUPE Unit 4 Collective Agreement, eligible members receive a Health Care Spending Account of $500 per plan year (September 1 through August 31). The HCSA may be used for eligible medical expenses which are those considered eligible expenses under the Income Tax Act, such as crutches, prescription eye wear, prescription drugs, some OTC medications, physiotherapy or registered massage therapy, chiropractic treatments, and the cost of private health care premiums. Expenses must be incurred within the plan year.

Eligible members are defined as Course Instructors who are employed to teach a 0.5 Full Course Equivalent (four-month course) or more in an academic year; Teaching Assistants in the Faculty of Theology employed for a four-month appointment or more; and non-theology Teaching Assistants and Writing Instructors who are employed for a minimum of 50 hours in an academic year.

Eligible claims may be submitted not later than sixty days beyond the end of the plan year. Any unused balance remaining in the account after this period will be forfeited. Each time you make a claim for reimbursement, Green Shield will update your remaining account balance and this amount will show on the statement you receive with your reimbursement.

You must enrol to receive the HCSA coverage. Please complete the enrolment form and return to the USMC payroll office at your earliest convenience (attention: Payroll, 81 St. Mary Street/ Fax – 416-926-7120 /  Complete the Plan Member Information and Dependent Information sections (if applicable) and sign the form.  Once you have submitted your form to the payroll office, you will be eligible to submit your claims directly to Green Shield.

Note that the HCSA is a reimbursement plan, which means that you must pay for the medical service or prescription first and then submit the claim for reimbursement together with the original receipt showing details of the medical/dental service, prescription or device. Your “Green Shield ID Number” is “SMC” in front of  the last 6 numbers of your “Empl./Payee ID” which is found on your pay stub (e.g. SMC123456).  If you have any questions regarding the status of your claim, please contact Green Shield’s Customer Service Centre (the telephone number is available at the link below). Reimbursement cheques will be mailed directly to your home address, or you may chose to sign up for direct deposit via Green Shield’s website.

HCSA Allowable Expenses – this form, created by Green Shield Canada, lists items/services that may (or may not) be charged to a HCSA, and under what circumstances certain expenses will be covered.

Leave Under the Collective Agreement

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