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This is why Unit 1 (Teaching Assistants and Course Instructors) pushed for the option to opt out of course evaluations—and ultimately got for Teaching Assistants a moratorium on course evaluations.

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Our Main Office is now on the second floor of 376 Bathurst Street, at Dundas Street West.
The space is still being renovated so it's currently closed to the public but we will let you know as soon as we're open!
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CUPE Ontario will always defend the right to use civil disobedience and protest to further our cause; this is literally how our union, and every other union, was built and is sustained.

We send solidarity to those engaged in this historic and vitally important set of actions in

CUPE supports the courageous students on US & Canadian campuses standing up for #Gaza. We are proud of CUPE members who are part of these peaceful encampments, and denounce any action by university officials, governments and police to act with aggression and deny free speech.

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