Unit 6 consists of all workers employed by the International Programs at U of T’s New College as instructors of non-credit courses in the International Foundation and International Summer Program:

  • IFP Sessional Instructors;
  • IFP Discipline-Specific Instructors;
  • IFP Instructors who teach during the summer only; and
  • ISA Instructors

Certification and Ratification

We achieved certification by the Ontario Labour Relations Board on June 19th, 2020. The Unit 6 Collective Agreement was ratified in a Unit-wide vote on January 9th, 2022 and expires on December 31st, 2024.

Organize Your Unit and Attend Unit Council

Reach out to Janine Rivière, your Fourth Vice-President, at vp4@cupe3902.org, for support with your Collective Agreement and employment benefits, and to attend your Unit Council. Unit Council is an open committee that meets monthly to empower you to organize your coworkers, enforce your rights, and fight for better working conditions. You can also raise ISA- or IFP-specific concerns with your Steward. Find your Steward’s email address on the Member Portal

Exercise Your Rights!

This page is expanding to include updated information on Unit 6 rights and benefits. Learn more:

Write to grievance.inquiries@cupe3902.org for representation if your rights are being violated.

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