A brief chronology of the Local and CUEW.

1973: TAs at Victoria University granted a certificate as Local One, Graduate Assistants’ Association (GAA)
1974: Arts Departments transferred from the Colleges to the UofT; the Victoria unit ceased to have employees and representation rights lapsed
1975: Local Two, GAA certified at the main UofT campus after a long legal battle and a certification vote
1975-80: Certifications issued for York (now Local 3903 of CUPE), Ryerson (now 3904), Lakehead (3905), McMaster (3906) and graduate assistants at OISE (3907)
1980: The GAA renamed the Canadian Union of Educational Workers (CUEW)
1980-94: Certifications issued for Trent (3908), Manitoba (3909), Otta­wa (which disaffiliated in 1992), Athabasca (3911), Dalhousie (3912) and Guelph (3913).
1994: Merger between CUEW and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
2004: Certification of Unit 2, comprised of TAs, Sessional Lecturers and Writing Instructors’ at Victoria University
2004: Certification of Unit 3, comprised of Sessional Lecturers, Sessional Instructional Assistants, Writing Instructors and Music Instructors at the main UofT campus
2009: Application for certification as the bargaining agent for Postdoctoral Fellows at the UofT submitted to the Ontario Labour Relations Board
2011: Certification of Unit 4, comprised of TAs, Sessional Lecturers, Writing Instructors and Continuing Education Instructors at the University of St. Michael’s College