Part of the job of the Local’s Executive Committee is to advocate, in any way they can, for the members of CUPE 3902 for better working conditions and inclusive, healthy communities. This work takes many forms, including campaigns, events, rallies, and sometimes public statements. On this page, members can locate, and read, statements released by the Executive on behalf of the Local.

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Solidarity with Striking Contract academic workers at carleton university!

The workers of CUPE Local 3902 join in solidarity with the striking Teaching Assistants, Internally-Funded Research Assistants, and Contact Instructors of CUPE 4600 at Carleton University! You are showing the collective power of the labour movement!

Solidarity with Striking UPEI Faculty

CUPE 3902 stands in solidarity with striking members of the University of Prince Edward Island Faculty Association! Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions, and students deserve the best.

Solidarity with Striking Memorial University Faculty

CUPE 3902 stands in solidarity with striking Memorial University Faculty! We support your right to fair wages, benefits, and job security.

Solidarity with CUPE 3906 Workers at mcmaster

CUPE 3902 stands with CUPE 3906 contract workers on strike at McMaster University in Hamilton. Ontario is a worker’s province; Hamilton is a worker’s city. It’s time for a better Mac!

Solidarity with University of California UAW Workers

CUPE 3902 stands with UAW workers on strike at the UC, who are leading the largest university-based labour action in North American history!

Statement for Mahsa Jina Amini

Workers in CUPE 3902 stand in solidarity with the Iranian people's nationwide mass uprising against the autocratic and repressive Islamic Republic of Iran following the killing of Mahsa (Jina) Amini.

Solidarity with PSAC Local 901

CUPE 3902 stands in solidarity with our fellow workers and educators of Queens University whose bargaining process with Queen’s University has come to an abrupt halt and have filed for conciliation.

Solidarity with ULFA

CUPE 3902 joins in solidarity with the striking faculty of the University of Lethbridge. You are showing the collective power of the labour movement!

Joint Letter: Defy Expectations

A joint letter from campus unions calling for a fair and safe U of T in 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, and U of T must act now to ensure a safe, just, and equitable semester.

Paid Sick Days for All

CUPE 3902, 11,500 strong, demands that the Canadian Government immediately implement 10 permanent paid sick days and 14 paid sick days during public health emergencies.

Solidarity with UMFA

CUPE 3902 join in solidarity with the 1,200 University of Manitoba Faculty Association members who have been on strike since November 2, 2021.

Solidarity with UOITFA

CUPE 3902 stands in solidarity with UOIT’s Faculty Association who need better compensation, safer working conditions, improved job security, and pensions to allow members to teach, then retire with dignity.

Solidarity with CUPE New Brunswick

CUPE 3902 joins in solidarity with the nearly 22,000 striking CUPE NB members in their fight to ensure fair wages and improved working conditions, and quality public services for the people of New Brunswick through strike action.

No More Encampment Clearings

CUPE 3902 condemns the City of Toronto’s decision to clear encampments in July 2021, including at Trinity Bellwoods Park, Lamport Stadium, and Alexandra Park, where unhoused Torontonians had been living.

U of T Must End Harassment

With USW 1998 and UTFA, CUPE 3902 demands that U of T provide our members and students with safe workplaces and learning spaces, free from harassment.

Solidarity with the Faculty of Music

CUPE 3902 condemns U of T’s chronic mishandling of complaints of workplace harassment, sexual misconduct, and racism.

Solidarity with CUPE 375

CUPE 3902 stands in solidarity with CUPE 375, Montreal Port Workers, against the federal government's unconstitutional use of Back to Work legislation.

Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Violence

Our local stands in strong solidarity with the Asian community and sex workers against violence.

ford must resign

Our members are calling on Doug Ford and his incompetent government to resign from office. The people of Ontario have suffered enough.

Black Lives Matter

Our local joins the Black Lives Matter movement and their call to end systemic racism.

Joint Letter: Health & Safety

A joint letter from campus unions expressing concern with the lack of consultation through Joint Health & Safety Committees.


A letter released by the local's Executive Committee regarding Massey College's appointment of Margaret Went and their commitment to anti-black racism.

Joint Letter of Optimism

A joint letter signed by a large diversity of student and labour groups on campus, sending a message of hope and offering resources during a difficult time.

solidarity with Palestine

CUPE 3902 joined a long list of other civil society organizations calling on the International Criminal Court to undertake investigations against the abuse of the rights of the people of Palestine.

Solidarity with UCU

Members of the University and College Union in the United Kingdom (UK) voted to strike for eight (8) days. The Executive Committee issued a statement in support of their action.


The executive has drafted the above statement regarding the Ontario government's mandate that all post-secondary institutions create "free speech" policies or face funding cuts.

Tuition and OSAP Changes

On January 17, 2019, the Ford government released their first changes affecting the Post-Secondary sector, especially around tuition and the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). The Executive has issued this statement in response.

Solidarity with Ontario Teachers

Education workers across the province have been engaged in a difficult round of negotiations with the Ford government. The Executive Committee has issued a statement to express the Local's solidarity with these workers.

UofT Mandatory Leave Policy

On May 31, 2018, your executive released a letter to Claire M.C. Kennedy, Chair of Governing Council, to express deep concern with the University's recently released Mandatory Leave Policy.

Supporting the York 8

On October 11, 2018, your exeuctive sent a letter to Rhonda Lenton, President and Vice-Chancellor of York University, expressing serious concern with the University's attempt at retaliation against members of CUPE 3903 and students in regards to the CUPE 3903 strike.