We hit the table the week of October 2nd, 2023 and are bargaining throughout the fall! The conversation has been invigorating thus far as we seek the improvements that U of T Postdocs deserve, to continue their work as world-class researchers. Read updates at WeAreUofT.com and sign the Bargaining Pledge!

Bargaining Team Members

Christien Garcia, Co-lead Negotiator (Executive Representative)

Jesse Cullen, Co-lead Negotiator (Staff Representative)

Zofia Ostrowska-Podhorodecka, Unit 5 Member Representative

Federica Berdini, Unit 5 Member Representative

Sami Mamand, Unit 5 Member Representative

Bargaining Support Committee (BSC)

Andrey Gornostaev, Unit 5 Lead Steward

Antonio Herrera Martin, Unit 5 Steward

Keleabetswe Lerato Mpye, Unit 5 Steward

Idorenyin Iwe, Unit 5 Steward

Leo Alcorn, Unit 5 Steward

Hosea Patrick, Unit 5 Steward

Shanice Regis-Wilkins, Staff Organizer

Bargaining Bulletins

Bargaining Bulletin #1: Our first day of contract negotiations!