Union committees include all standing (permanent) committees of the Local, committees mandated by legislation and committees that have yearly, but not ongoing responsibilities.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee consists of the President of the Local, Lead Stewards, and the Fourth Vice-President, to represent all seven bargaining units. The committee members are responsible for advising and assisting the Executive Committee and staff in matters involving grievances and grievance policy. The Grievance Committee oversees Departmental audits, coordinates the processing of grievances, and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee to send grievances to arbitration.

Bylaw & Policy Committee

The standing members of the Bylaw & Policy Committee are your President and Lead Stewards, but meetings are open to all members in good standing. Voting members receive and respond to proposals to amend the Bylaws and Policy Compendium, and formulate their own proposals for review at a General Membership Meeting.

Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) Council

The Union seeks to have representatives on all of U of T’s Joint Health & Safety Committees (JHSCs) across campus. JHSC worker-reps meet monthly to share knowledge and strategies to act on workplace issues. Contact hso@cupe3902.org to become a Joint & Health and Safety Representative for your workplace. The Union’s advocacy work in the past has resulted in coalitions with other unions and community groups to protect against COVID and legionella, comprehensive health and safety training for all graduate students in Sciences and Engineering, and more meaningful inclusion of students under U of T’s health and safety policy (when they are excluded by legislation). 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets each winter term to prepare the annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year from May to April. A call for member-reps goes out in the Newsletter in January. Contact st@cupe3902.org if interested or to discuss financial proposals for the new year.